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IoT is revolutionizing warehouse & logistic operations, helping to digitally transform the industry. The traditional warehouse and logistic management is about paper-based documentation, scanned PDFs, manually inputting data into different IT systems, constantly making calls to get the latest cargo status, and other low efficient manual work. The standard, traditional warehouse we all know is progressively becoming an automated warehouse.

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Logistic & warehouse solutions

Asset Tracking

Track goods seamlessly across your entire warehouse. You can also track vehicles such as forklifts, pallet trucks and tugger trains on industrial sites.

Inventory Management

Manage your entire inventory from a single Dashboard. Keep track of inventory moving in and out without manual intervention.

Improve Work Conditions

Ensure comfortable working environment and optimal storage conditions with real-time monitoring of temperature & humidity inside the warehouse.

Smart and Intelligent Security Solution

Secure hazardous areas with intelligent policies with automated alert function. Control area-wise access authorizations.

Emergency call-for-help

Empower employees with devices equipped with SOS buttons. The wearer can immediately raise an alarm in case of any of emergency

Process automation and optimization

Track each part of your process in real-time. Assign tasks automatically based on asset locations.

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About Parchai

In dealing with a multitude of B2B clients for our GPS products at Traxsmart, the need for in-premise tracking came into the picture. GPS gives an approximation of the building but is not useful when customers would want a room or floor-level accuracy. Indoor monitoring solutions like ‘CCTV’ exist, but it is not proactive and has its share of drawbacks.

In an attempt to solve this need in the industry, came up with the concept of Parchai for addressing the same, leveraging the power of BLE and UWB, and discovered the huge business opportunity in a market that is still unaddressed and unorganized at large.

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